Pink Sindrom Launch

Installation, art direction and styling of the launch event of Sindroms’ fourth issue, the Pink Sindrom.

We conceptualised an event where people could come experience the colour pink through all of their 5 senses. Guests were invited to see pink by browsing the new magazine, hear pink through a custom French nu-wave playlist, smell & touch pink via a flower wall and material installations, and enjoy the taste of pink at a tasting bar where pink coktails and conversation-starter pink treats were offered. We created an experience meant to fully dive deep into a pink universe and tickle guests’ senses.

The Omakase: Pink gift-box showcase represented the surprise element, which was meant to be explored through an imaginative exercise, or if you may, your 6th sense. To build up on the surprise element of the product, the box was covered with a protective glass and placed on a pedestal within the main area of the event, displayed as a premium exhibit in a museum.

Done in collaboration with the Sindroms team.
Photography by  Miruna Sorescu


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